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Aki And The Yokai - Parade

Aki And The Yokai


Is a Japanese Children's book I wrote and illustrated as part of my Children's Book Illustration class at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This is my favorite illustration from the book. The technique is a blend of digital and traditional media. The textures are acrylic paint and tissue paper collage influenced by Eric Carle's famous works done in a similar technique. My technique here uses many more layers to build up interesting textures and colors.


After collaging many different combinations I scan them and apply them in photoshop to fit in the illustration where I want them based on my rough sketch. I use custom photoshop brushes to add some more detail and refine certain parts of the illustrations. All the linework is done digitally. 

I think it is very important to keep touch with traditional art, even when more and more work becomes digital. It is easy to be too digital or too traditional/conservative and get left behind. I think it is important to still do as much by hand as possible even as digital media becomes more and more necessary.

The book was printed and bound by hand in the style of traditional Japanese binding. I also have printed some as traditional fabric scrolls. I will be posting the rest of the illustrations from the book, process and final product photos as soon as I can so please check back again!

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