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"Tell Me I'm Sexy"

"TELL ME I'M SEXY" is an upcoming Art show at Murmur Gallery in Atlanta, GA. The show features three local

artists; Grace Perkins, Graciela Bedoya and Kyle Payne.

This collection of work presents a satirical take on the objectification of women and the reinforcement of gender stereotypes applied in contemporary mass media.

Grace imposes the devices used to dehumanize women in sexualized representations onto idealized, white, cis males.

Graciela brings focus to the quintessential Telenovela centered around the raw highs and lows of women as the titular characters, considered to be the epitome of Latin American pop culture.

Kyle creates digital composites overlaying masculine and feminine forms from advertisements to almost obscurity resulting in sexualized abstractions. Based on our findings we have determined that eurocentrism is the preferred standardization.

More information for the Artists from the show can be found at their websites!

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