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Covfefe Playground

feat. Trump, Kim, Xi and Vlad

Covfefe Playground


Is a personal project I did over the course of a few weeks.  It started as a simple idea about how politicians and world leaders are just a bunch of big kids playing with big toys. The potential consequences of their words and actions are very serious though...



Final Illustrations

Final Illustration

...I have always loved editorial work, political cartoons and current events based work. I have not had much opportunity to work on these types of projects though, so I was glad to get inspiration and have time to complete this on my own. My artistic background is in Illustration so it was nice to sit down and focus on just painting a fun environment and assets... 


A Closer Look

...Trumps constant feud with "little rocket man" made Kim Jong Un's inclusion a must. Also his mysterious ties to Russia and love of Putin are obvious. I included Xi Jinping because, even though he is not the most vocal of the group, China plays a very big role in the conflict with North Korea and is a powerful nuclear threat as well.

The illustrations were painted in photoshop, animated in ToonBoom Harmony and Composited, with some animation in After Effects.

Thanks for viewing the project, and I will add some more process stuff soon so check back later!

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